Frequently asked questions

  • Q: What is

    Answer: allows you, the driver of a leased vehicle, the ability to manage your citations through an online account.

  • Q: Why did I receive a registration packet?
  • Q: Do I have to register if I received a registration packet?
  • Q: How do I register when I did not receive a registration packet?
  • Q: I received a new registration code but I am already registered with
  • Q: My account is locked and I cannot log in, how can I unlock it?
  • Q: I forgot my username and/or password, how can I reset them?
  • Q: How can I register a new car or update my vehicle information?
  • Q: How do I opt-out of the program and not have ATS process my citations?
  • Q: Why was I charged an administration fee?
  • Q: I do not remember getting a ticket.
  • Q: I didn't know I was on a toll road.
  • Q: I received an invoice in the mail and would like to make a payment. What are my options?
  • Q: I received and paid a parking ticket directly to the Issuing Authority. I also received an invoice for the same ticket.
  • Q: I used my personal transponder in my vehicle and am now being charged for a toll violation. How can I resolve this issue?
  • Q: Although it is my vehicle, I was not driving at the time the citation occurred.
  • Q: My vehicle was stolen and was not in my possession at the time that the violation occurred.
  • Q: The vehicle was sold prior to the time the violation occurred.
  • Q: What is considered a personal trip?
  • Q: What internet browsers are supported by
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