About Us

ATS Processing Services is a part of American Traffic Solutions (ATS) Fleet Services (www.atsfleetservices.com), the leading provider of toll and violation management solutions for the commercial fleet and rental car industries. ATS Fleet Services is a division of American Traffic Solutions, Inc. (www.atsol.com), the leading provider of traffic safety, mobility and compliance solutions for state and local governments.

ATS Fleet Services partners with fleet vehicle owners, such as large corporate fleets, fleet management companies and rental car companies, to process violations issued to fleet vehicles, such as toll, parking and traffic safety camera tickets. On behalf of our partners, ATS works directly with drivers to resolve these types of violations incurred while driving their assigned fleet vehicles.

Our services provide drivers with the opportunity to review violations, including electronic copies of tickets and any photo or video evidence. ATS offers drivers convenient payment options for violation fines and related processing fees.

In some cases, ATS transfers liability, or legal responsibility, for a violation to the responsible fleet driver, at which point the driver can resolve the ticket directly with the issuer. This process returns the important right to due process to fleet drivers, enabling them to dispute tickets with issuers if they wish.

Our unique solutions for toll and violation processing, combined with our proven business management expertise, ensure successful outcomes for our fleet customers and their drivers.

We operate on a fundamental principle that building strong, long-term customer relationships is the key to a successful business. These relationships are built on trust, reliable customer service and a deep understanding of our customers’ business needs and goals.

To learn more about how ATS can assist your fleet with its toll and violation processing, contact us at 855-783-2336 or atsfleetservices@atsol.com.

 ATS Processing Services, LLC BBB Business Review